How Often Do Dental Implant Crowns Need to Be Replaced?

How Often Do Dental Implant Crowns Need to Be Replaced?

How Often Do Dental Implant Crowns Need to Be Replaced?

How Often Do Dental Implant Crowns Need to Be Replaced?

Dental implants are a popular replacement for missing teeth. They provide a strong foundation for your replacement teeth and feel like natural teeth. They are comfortable and allow for better oral hygiene as you can brush and floss them like you would with your natural teeth.

The implant is the part of the replacement that fuses with your jaw. The replacement teeth are usually dental crowns. The implants are permanent. But from time to time, you may need to replace the crowns.

How Often Do You Replace Dental Implant Crowns?


Different factors determine how often you need to replace your dental implant crowns. The process of replacement is also like the initial placement. Although dental implant crowns do not decay, they still need replacement. Here are some factors that may determine how often you replace them. They include:

  • The type of dental crowns

  • Incorrect placement

  • Your oral hygiene routine

  • Lifestyle habits


The Type of Dental Crowns


The average lifespan of a dental implant crown is 10 to 15 years. However, the top determinant is the type of crown that you have. When you take care of your dental implant crowns, they can last decades. The material you use will determine the strength, aesthetics, and durability.

Porcelain crowns can last an average of seven years or more with proper care. Gold crowns can last for decades, but their strength and durability make them serve you for an average of 15 years. Ceramic crowns can last for ten years before they need replacement. Whatever the type of crown, it will probably last longer with proper care.

Incorrect Placement


When placing dental crowns, the dentist needs to consider the function of each tooth and its location. They also need to check the position of the gum tissue. When the dentist does not account for these things, they may result in incorrect placement of your dental crowns. Hence, you may need a replacement.

Oral Hygiene


Your oral hygiene is another factor that may determine how often you replace your dental implant crowns. Poor oral hygiene will make you replace your crowns more often than people with good routines. Poor oral hygiene may also affect your gum tissue. It may affect your health and extend to the bone. At this point, it may also affect the implant.

Ensure you have a good oral hygiene routine. It will not cost you much to adopt one. However, poor oral hygiene will cost you much more in dental implant replacement.

Lifestyle Habits


Poor lifestyle habits apart from poor oral hygiene can also result in replacing your dental implant crowns more often. Poor lifestyle habits that include smoking, drinking colored beverages, and biting into objects can damage your crowns.

They can stain and crack them, resulting in a need for a faster replacement of crowns. So, change some habits when you get dental implant crowns. Otherwise, you may need to spend more time and money at the dentist when replacing them.

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