Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy

For some of our patients, the gums are not in the best of health and need more in-depth attention to restore and maintain health.

Periodontal disease is a broad definition that encompasses the breakdown of the health of the gums and/or bones and supportive tissues and structures that support the teeth.

Warning Signs:

  • Gums that bleed, particularly when you brush or floss

  • Red gums

  • Puffy gums

  • Tender or swollen gums

  • Loose teeth

  • Bad taste or breath

  • Tooth sensitivity

  • Visibly longer teeth

  • Gums that are pulling away from the teeth

  • Sweet/salty taste from your mouth/gums

​​​​​​​First Step:

Full assessment which we do with ALL of our new patients to check the health of your gums thoroughly

Second Step:

Diagnosis of the condition whether it be Gingivitis (entry-level disease to periodontal disease) which is reversible with dedicated habit change and help from our talented and skilled dental hygienist and the dental team. If it is a progression of the disease, ascertaining at what stage of the disease that you fall under, and custom formulating a treatment plan for YOU so that we can regain health for you and maintain that health. Once there is bone loss, it is a lifelong maintenance of the disease. You never fully rid yourself of the disease potential as you can with the Gingivitis condition. These diseases are, of course, best avoided and prevented, but when they are present, they are best to catch early and be diligent in the fight against their progression.

​​​​​​​Last Step:

​​​​​​​Follow through with treatment, and progressing on to a specialist if your particular case warrants it.

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