Children and Prevention

Children and Prevention

Children and Prevention

Children and Prevention

parent and child

Prevention is Key

Our team and office is excited to see all of your family from ages 1 to 101 and beyond. Children are special to us and we want to ensure that they have a good experience at the dentist. It is our desire that they have a good experience and fun here and learn good oral habits from the start, reinforced at home, and guided here as well.

​​​​​​​Dental Sealants

Sealants are a protective coating over the deepest pits and fissures of permanent teeth, and on occasion, recommended for baby teeth as well. This helps to prevent plaque and acid from settling into the small areas or crevices where a toothbrush bristle often cannot reach. At times, a special type of sealant will be recommended where a drilless sandblaster cleans out questionable stain in the groove of the tooth to ensure that no decay is being sealed in, and sound enamel is what is being protected.

"Happy Visit"

We recommend that children be seen as soon as 18months to 2 years in this office. Many times, their first visit is considered a “Happy Visit” for an oral evaluation as able. It is a time for the child to get acquainted with the office, the friendly team of professionals and “helpers” and to see some of the fun “toys” that we have to help them have the healthiest mouth possible. WE ride them in the chair, let them meet “Mr. Slurpy or Thirsty” and see their own teeth on TV or in a mirror. This is a good introductory visit and a positive one. We want to instill positive experiences from the start in these formative years so that the future holds none of the fears and anxieties that we hear often in stories relayed by adults who had poor experiences as a child. It is important to present the dental visit to the child in the most positive light and help us to continue that good home reinforcement with a great experience at their first visit.


In the Mandeville, Covington, and Northshore area, we have NO FLUORIDATED water. An individual recommendation may be made to you and your family regarding how to handle this. The research is out there and shows a dramatic decrease in the incidence of decay and tooth detriment with the proper amount of fluoride given to the children. Either fluoride drops can be given specific to the child's age/weight and added to a daily water drink for them, OR a multi-vitamin with fluoride added may be given as a droplet or chewable, OR we may recommend that fluoridated water be purchased and used with cooking, drink and food preparation, as well as beverages.

Food/Snack Counseling

Often, a child is offered snacks and drinks at various events that are attended that are not the most healthful for the teeth/mouth. We help the parent to know what the research is showing about acids and snacks and drinks if we see that there is potential detriment there. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Good Habits

We will help to have the child start to learn and embrace the good habits that are a foundation for good oral health throughout life. We will also help the child’s caretakers to know how to best help them until they gain the manual dexterity to master it on their own (usually at about 7 years old for most kids).

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