How Often Should I Clean My SureSmile Aligners?

How Often Should I Clean My SureSmile Aligners?

How Often Should I Clean My SureSmile Aligners?

How Often Should I Clean My SureSmile Aligners?

More and more people are choosing clear aligners over traditional braces. After all, they are almost invisible! Hence, they do not draw unwanted attention. You can align your teeth without being conscious that you are wearing braces. 


However, clear aligners can work to your disadvantage when they collect dirt and stains. They look awful and filthy. They can also breed bacteria that result in cavities, plaque, and tartar. Instead of benefiting your teeth, they would harm them and your gums.


What Is SureSmile?


SureSmile is a brand of invisible aligners that addresses simple and complex cases. However, it is most effective when you need minor tooth adjustments. With these, you need to visit the dentist every three months for adjustments. 


SureSmile aligners work best when you wear them for 20-22 hours per day. Thus, you can only stay without them for two to four hours. Try to make sure to remove them only for crucial issues. Otherwise, your adjustments will take longer than they should.


How Often Should I Clean Them?


Always clean your SureSmile aligners before putting them back into your mouth. Generally, that would mean at least once a day. However, you may need to rinse and clean them more than that. It will help you avoid staining them, and you will use them longer. 


Discoloration in clear aligners is irreversible. So if you do not want to replace your SureSmile aligners with new ones, thoroughly clean them more than once a day.


Reasons to Clean SureSmile Aligners More Than Once 


To keep your aligners clean and avoid discoloration, know when to clean them. The recommendation is that you do this once a day. Here are reasons you may need to do it more.


  • Beverages


Avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks, and sports drinks. These beverages will seep into your aligners and stain them. The acid in them also causes discolored teeth and cavities. If you happen to drink any, rinse your mouth and your aligners. Rinsing them will make them slightly clean but not deal with the unseen bacteria. However, it serves the purpose of reducing the acidity of the beverages on your aligners.


  • Smoking


Tobacco has nicotine and tar that sticks to your teeth and stains them. When you smoke, the nicotine and tar stick between your teeth. Thus, you should not smoke with your aligners on your teeth. If you do, clean your SureSmile aligners immediately after to avoid staining. If you can, drop the habit. It is beneficial not only to your aligners but also to your health.


  • Food


You should remove your aligners when you are eating. Afterward, you can rinse them—although cleaning them is more effective. To ensure proper cleaning, you can use SureSmile products. To clean the aligners, soak them in a tray for three minutes.


It helps to sterilize them and dislodge any food particles. Rinse the solution off the aligners and brush with warm water. It is more effective when you wash your aligners this way. Also, clean your teeth to avoid the transfer of food particles.


For more information on SureSmile aligners, call MAC Family Dentistry at (985) 238-3797 to reach our Mandeville, Louisiana office.

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