What Does a Complete Dental Exam Include?

What Does a Complete Dental Exam Include?

What Does a Complete Dental Exam Include?

What Does a Complete Dental Exam Include?

A complete dental exam is an essential component of preventive dentistry. It allows your dentist to get conversant with your oral health. It also helps them set a plan to improve your oral health going forward. They will advise you on how to take care of your teeth and gums to prevent oral diseases.


When you first visit a new dentist, they will perform a complete dental exam to know how to proceed. After a few years, they may do another dental exam to update your records.


What Does It Include?


A complete dental exam looks at your oral history in detail. It also does diagnostics to examine your current situation. From there, the dentist can plan a long-term strategy for your oral health. It can happen every three to five years, depending on the need. The exam may take about 30 minutes for the dentist to complete a thorough checkup.


So, what does it involve?


Patient Interview


The dentist will discuss your medical and dental history with you. It will include the current records if you are not a new patient. The doctor will also want to know if you have any other concerns or issues. They will assess your diet, oral hygiene habits, and any other risk factors that pertain to your case. All this will help the dentist understand your overall dental health.


Oral Examination and Cleaning


The dentist will conduct a complete tooth decay and cavities check. They will check the existing dental work and evaluate your bite. The dentist will then clean your teeth, paying attention to each tooth.


They will note teeth that have chips and cracks, as well as those that are at risk of developing cavities. This part of the exam will help them identify any preventive or restorative treatments you may need.


Diagnostic Exams


The diagnostic exams include X-rays, radiographs, or other images the dentist may need. The dentist will protect you from radiation, have you bite on a piece of plastic, and take the X-rays. They will do a full-mouth series to check your overall health. Radiographs and other imaging diagnostics are not necessary. However, the dentist can perform them if there is a need.


Periodontal Exam


During this part of the exam, the dentist will examine the condition of your gum for periodontal disease. They will try to identify any early signs of gum disease. If they are present, they will take preventive measures against it to maintain your gum health. The gum is vital to the health of your teeth. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that it stays healthy.


Any signs of periodontal disease that you ignore could lead to the loss of your teeth. It could also cause other oral and health conditions. Early treatment will prevent complications in your kidneys, lungs, and heart. It will also save you hospital expenses that you may not be ready to meet.


Complete dental exams are not only vital to the dentist but also to you as the patient. They will help you take measures to maintain or improve your oral and overall health.


For more information on complete dental exams, contact MAC Family Dentistry at our office in Mandeville, Louisiana. You can also call (985) 238-3797 to book an appointment today.

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