What Is the Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth?

What Is the Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth?

What Is the Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth?

What Is the Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth?

Less than half of the adults in the United States of America have permanent teeth. Your chances of missing one or more teeth as you age increase. Untreated dental cavities are a common reason most adults lose their teeth. Tooth loss can make you self-conscious. It can affect how you eat or speak. Several tooth replacements options can salvage your situation. 



Dental Implants 



You can replace a single missing tooth or several ones in different areas of your mouth using implants. Your dentist will surgically mount a titanium metal frame or post into your lower or upper jaw. Your doctor will then put an artificial tooth onto the implant.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants



The replacement tooth resembles your natural tooth and can last for many years. The rest of your teeth can remain intact because they are not involved in the process. Your surgical dentist must ensure you are in good health before conducting the surgical procedure. 


The healing process can take many months; thus, your body needs to be healthy for the recovery process. Dental implants can be more expensive than other tooth replacement options. But if your insurance can cover it, you can get your missing teeth replaced with natural-looking ones.



Fixed Dental Bridge



This tooth replacement option works if you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth in the same area of your mouth. A fixed dental bridge uses artificial or prosthetic teeth to bridge the gap caused by the missing tooth. Your dentist attaches the prosthetic adjacent to your teeth. He then uses dental cement to bond it in place.


Bridges are cheaper than implants. They feel and look like natural teeth. However, they are difficult to clean underneath. Bridges also alter the existing teeth. If your dentist fits it poorly, it could damage the adjoining teeth gradually. Bacteria and plaque can seep underneath the bridge. As a result, you can get an infection or tooth decay.



Removable Partial Dentures



Your dentist can talk to you about getting complete dentures if you want to replace all your natural teeth. But if you only want to replace some of your teeth, you may want to consider a removable partial denture. They consist of artificial teeth attached to a pink base that looks natural.


Your natural teeth hold the removable base by stabilizing. The artificial teeth have a color that looks like your natural teeth. The design of the pink base is also like the color of your gums. Some dentures adjoin natural teeth using a clasp. 


You can consider removable partial dentures if you want to replace multiple missing teeth in one part of your mouth. They feel and look natural. They are also less expensive than other tooth replacement options.


Some people take time to adjust to partial dentures. Some find them uncomfortable. Your partial dentures need cleaning every day. You should also remove them before going to bed. Such constant handling increases their risk of damage.



What Is the Best Option for You?



Determining the best option depends on several factors. The two main ones are your finances and the number of teeth that need replacement. If you have no contraindications in your anatomy, implants can suit you. 


For more about replacing missing teeth, visit MAC Family Dentistry at our office in Mandeville, Louisiana. You can call (985) 238-3797 today to schedule an appointment.

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