When to Get Cosmetic Bonding

When to Get Cosmetic Bonding

When to Get Cosmetic Bonding

When to Get Cosmetic Bonding

As the dental industry becomes more advanced, it is now possible to benefit from innovative cosmetic treatments. With the advent of cosmetic dentistry, there is no good reason to walk around feeling bad about your smile. 


There are dental procedures that can improve your smile and boost your self-confidence. If you are unhappy about your smile, tooth bonding is a procedure that can give you a beautiful smile. 


Types of Dental Bonding


There are two different types of dental bonding: adhesive bonding and direct composite bonding. Adhesive bonding is a type of tooth bonding where a dental restoration is attached to a tooth. The dental restoration can be a veneer, crown, bridge, or porcelain. 


Direct composite bonding uses tooth-colored resin material to fill cavities or repair cracked or chipped teeth. Direct composite bonding involves applying the bonding material directly onto the surface of the tooth. 


When to Get Dental Bonding


Cosmetic bonding is a dental procedure that is used to fix a fractured or decayed tooth. The procedure can be used to repair discolored and chipped teeth, helping them appear more attractive. It can also be used to reshape teeth and close gaps, enhancing the appearance of the teeth. 


Bonding can protect portions of tooth roots that become visible due to receding of the gums. Cosmetic bonding is one of the most affordable and easiest cosmetic dental procedures available. It requires a single dental appointment to be completed.


The Dental Bonding Procedure


The dentist will start by choosing the color of the composite resin. Using a shade guide, the dentist will select the color that will match the tooth being bonded. Using a special dental tool, the dentist will remove some of the tooth surfaces before coating them. The coating liquid is applied to allow the bonding material to adhere firmly to the tooth. 


After preparing the tooth, the dentist applies the resin, molding and smoothening it into the right shape. The dentist uses a laser to harden the material and cut it into the desired shape. The final stage involves polishing the bonded material to match it to the appearance of the tooth surface.


Benefits of Dental Bonding


Dental tooth bonding helps improve the smile. The procedure can enhance the appearance of teeth while repairing discolored or chipped teeth. If you have receding gums, bonding can be used to treat the condition. Bonding can be completed in one visit to the dentist, and it does not require anesthesia. 


The procedure is affordable compared to other cosmetic dental procedures. The treatment removes only a small section of the enamel to allow for bonding. The procedure is a great way to treat cavities and other dental issues.


Caring for Bonded Teeth


After you get cosmetic bonding, you need to care for your new teeth. The dentist will give you instructions on caring for your teeth to ensure that the results last longer. Proper care will help ensure that you maintain the natural color and look of the bonding. 


Good oral hygiene will also help protect your teeth. Avoid foods and drinks that cause staining, smoking, and chewing on hard substances. Regular visits to the dentist will help ensure that you keep your teeth in the best possible condition.


For more on cosmetic bonding, visit MAC Family Dentistry at our office in Mandeville, Louisiana. You can also call (985) 238-3797 to schedule an appointment today.

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