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Doctor Spotlight

Doctor Spotlight

Conversation/Interview with Dr. Annie Kutz and Dr. Martha Carr

Dr. Martha: OK, we are getting to know Dr. Annie.
So, Dr. Annie. I am very excited that you are here with our office and I just want to shine a little light on you because you are just a bright star and I want our patients and our friends out there to get to know you a little better. So, I am going to ask you some questions, is that cool?

Dr. Annie: Yes.

Dr. Martha: Yay! OK, so here’s my first question: So, what did you do last September, what did you have going on?

Dr. Annie: Last September, I got married. I married my best friend and it was really great that we were able to throw a New Orleans party. All of our friends and family are from out of state, so just having everyone together was such a blast.

Dr. Martha: Oh, How FUN! That is SO exciting! OK, well we ALL celebrate that with you. OK, what is your favorite color and how does that make you feel?

Dr. Annie: My favorite color has always been blue. Different shades of blue depending on my mood. But, generally, like a robin’s egg blue, light blue. It calms me. I love being out on the water and it reminds me of that. It’s always been blue.

Dr. Martha: I Love it! Alright, and what’s your favorite kind of food?

Dr. Annie: ok, so…Eating food is my favorite hobby. So, I love trying new kinds of food. But, I guess if I had to nail it down, I could always eat Sushi and I always love Thai Food.

Dr. Martha: YUM. Well, what do you and Cam like to do for fun on your off days?

Dr. Annie: So, on that same note, we really like to cook together and we like to try new restaurants. We like to go on walks with our dog on the lakefront or around City Park or out by the river in Madisonville, so just being outside.

Dr. Martha: So, you have a dog?

Dr. Annie: Yes, we have a little Australian Shepherd. She’s two years old and she’s a little crazy puppy but she’s really sweet. Her name is Nala. Lion King has always been his favorite.

Dr. Martha: So sweet, your family. Well, what has been your favorite part of being a part of the team here at MAC Family Dentistry?

Dr. Annie: Definitely it’s been our relationships that we make with our patients and with the team itself. You know, every day we are singing and laughing and that’s what you can hope for with a job. Right? We cry together too. (Dr. Carr had an emotional situation right before that which sweet empathetic Dr. Annie hugged her about and supported her)

Dr. Martha: That’s right. We do all of the feels here. OK, so do you have a favorite type of procedure that you do?

Dr. Annie: So, favorite type of procedure… I enjoy restoring teeth with crowns because you are able to in that same day fully rehab a tooth and take it from a really unhealthy state and bring it back to a state of health. I like to save it from Fracturing. It’s like I am making a little sculpture.

Dr. Martha: I love that. This is not about me, but I share your love about doing that. It is a really good saving thing that we get to do. Fun – Art and Science. Well, If you could travel ANYWHERE in the world in the next three months, where would it be?

Dr. Annie: That is another tough question because just like I like all kinds of food, I like all kinds of places. I would open my phone and I am constantly adding new places that I would love to go, but right now it is probably Ireland and Scotland because like I said, we recently got married and Cam and I met at Notre Dame and I am Irish and he recently found out that he has some Scottish heritage so he’s all excited about going to Scotland. Yeah, so probably Ireland and Scotland, but also New Zealand looks amazing because they have mountains and beaches and wineries and more. So, lots of places.

Dr. Martha: LOVE the list! So, is there a question you would love to ask patients or friends?

Dr. Annie: Hmmmmm, that is a good one. I think HERE we would love to know what your favorite song is so that we could add it to our playlist for when you come in. (laughs)

Dr. Martha: That is a GOOD one! Definitely. So, speaking of favorite songs, that is a great entry into this next question. What is your favorite music genre?

Dr. Annie: So, it really depends on my mood. I love listening to different music, so it depends on my mood and the weather. If it’s a sunny day and I’m riding in the car, then I want to listen to 70’s road trip music. If Cam and I are cooking dinner and I put on the music, I want to listen to 50s and 60s or Cam will turn on 80s if he’s in charge of the music. We will be listening to David Bowie and that kind of stuff. It really just depends. If I’m sad, I want to listen to something acoustic and just lean into being sad. So, all kinds of music.

Dr. Martha: I LOVE that. VERY cool. Um, do you have a motto or philosophy or some sort of inspiration that you’d like to share with all of us?

Dr. Annie: Yeah, that’s hard because you know, I am always trying to learn and get inspiration from all kinds of books and everything, but I think something that I keep coming back to is that things can change really quickly for the better or for the worse, and so, in that sense I really want to TRY to be intentional about being about NOW. Because things can change really quickly. Being in TODAY and accepting what’s happening today.

Dr. Annie and I enjoyed doing this little Q & A and laughed and smiled through it all. It was awesome! She is an excellent clinician and human. Come by and get to meet her if you haven’t already. If you have someone who would love to have a new dentist who is young, and vibrant and conscientious and beautiful and kind and wise beyond her years, she would be a great one to have. I have MY new dentist! Lucky ME!

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