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Do You Get a Retainer After SureSmile®?

SureSmile® Clear Aligners are an alternative to traditional metal braces for people who want a more discreet and comfortable way to straighten their teeth. Made of a clear, thin material that is virtually invisible when worn, they can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing.

Do’s and Don'ts After Dental Implants

Dental implants are a relatively new treatment option for people with severe tooth decay. First developed five decades ago, they are very popular as an alternative to dentures or bridges to replace missing or unhealthy teeth.

What are the Top Benefits of Dental Veneers?

Thanks to technological advancements in dentistry, there are more ways to help people improve their smiles. Dental veneers have become a popular cosmetic dental procedure to help people with tooth discoloration or crooked or chipped teeth transform their smile. It is a non-invasive procedure that involves placing an overlay on the surface of a tooth to create a new look for your teeth.

Why Is Zoom Teeth Whitening the Best?

Zoom teeth whitening is among the best ways to brighten your smile. It is an ideal option when you do not get results from strips and bleaching toothpaste. Zoom teeth whitening is a fast-acting solution. The results from the procedure are evident within approximately one hour. Here are the reasons you should opt for this procedure.

How Often Do Dental Implant Crowns Need to Be Replaced?

Dental implants are a popular replacement for missing teeth. They provide a strong foundation for your replacement teeth and feel like natural teeth. They are comfortable and allow for better oral hygiene as you can brush and floss them like you would with your natural teeth.

How Often Should I Clean My SureSmile Aligners?

Clear aligners can work to your disadvantage when they collect dirt and stains. They look awful and filthy. They can also breed bacteria that result in cavities, plaque, and tartar. Instead of benefiting your teeth, they would harm them and your gums.

Top 10 Oral Health Tips from Your Dentist

A great oral hygiene routine for optimal dental care is a daily practice. It can help prevent oral health issues that can cause suffering and discomfort. Poor oral health can affect your overall health and well-being and taking care of your oral health is not too difficult. Here are some top 10 oral health tips to practice daily.

SureSmile®: Frequently Asked Questions

Services in dentistry are developing as technology improves and straightening your teeth nowadays does not always mean getting traditional braces. Thanks to new dental treatments such as SureSmile®, you can spend less time in teeth aligners while achieving optimal results.

What Is the Difference Between a Routine Dental Cleaning and a Deep Cleaning?

Dental hygiene is vital to fight bad breath and gum disease. Most people avoid dental visits if they do not have a toothache or a tooth concern. But if you have stayed for long without a dental checkup, you have a heightened chance of needing a deep cleaning.

What Is the Difference Between SureSmile® and Invisalign®?

Having a perfect smile is something that everyone would love. Unfortunately, very few people are born with perfectly aligned teeth. Most people need help to achieve their dream smile, and orthodontic devices help. In the past, people had to get metal braces to straighten teeth. Fortunately, you can now straighten your teeth without announcing it to the world. Here is the difference between SureSmile® and Invisalign®.

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